For nearly two decades, light treatment with a portable lightbox has  been recognized as the most effective and least expensive way to treat the problem of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). A state-of the-art lightbox is designed to simulate the natural daylight exposure of being outdoors on a Spring morning—and requires only 20 minutes of use each day.

At Lightbox Company of New England, we are experienced at helping people determine whether or not light treatment is appropriate for them; if they decide that it is, we help them figure out how to incorporate it conveniently into their daily routine at a time of day that will be most effective for them. We offer lightboxes for SAD ranging in price from $279 – $399.

Lois A. Levin, PhD, owner of Lightbox Company of New England, is a Clinical Psychologist who has been practicing in the Boston area for 37 years. Dr. Levin has been providing consultation about light therapy to professional colleagues, individuals, public service organizations and professional groups since 1993.

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